Less talking – taking action

Residual medications do not belong in the toilet.

With the campaign “Less talking – taking action”, Wasser 3.0 is acting to increase sensitivity in dealing with residual medications.

What to do with the expired or residual medications? According to a study of the Frankfurt Institute for Social-Ecological Research, only 15 percent of Germans throw their residual medication – correctly – in the household refuse or in the “Medi-Tonne”. However, pharmaceuticals far too often end up going down the drain.

Together with the Stern Apotheke Heidelberg, Wasser 3.0 is alerting the public to the impact of medications and their residues in the water. We sensitize you to the environmentally compatible disposal of medicinal products.

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Altmedikamente gehören in den Restmüll oder in die Medi-Tonne!

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