NUT Caching

NUT Caching

NUT Caching describes a new form of interdisciplinary knowledge-sharing, which combines the subjects of natural sciences, environmental sciences and technology.

In the flagship project on wastewater treatment, young people, together with the employees of the Landau´s waste management and business operations (EWL), develop interactive content and course sequences about our main issue “water”. The NUT paths will be available to a broad audience for the integrated on-site teaching / learning experience.

Playful learning experience and sensitization

NUT Caching covers the areas of water pollution, chemical, physical and biological wastewater treatment / sewage technology as well as water scarcity and water supply, in which the complex physico-chemical topics are combined with application-related content and experiments. The focus is on context-oriented sensitization and referring knowledge transfer. The targeted location-based knowledge-sharing experience is developed to be e.g. transferred to all municipal sewage treatment plants but also to most wastewater treatment processes (sustainability).

Guided NUT paths are used to design the teaching / learning transfer for differentiated, self-controlled learning in the EW Landau sewage treatment plant. In various tasks of thinking, subject, documentation, communication and experimentation, which are to be solved interactively within a certain time window, teachers can document the progress of learning by means of built-in feedback functions. In addition, a digitized age-dependent ranking is incorporated for school learning as well as the desired family experience so that the experience is more like a playful learning experience and sensitization on the subject of water.

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