2019, what are the next steps for Wasser 3.0?

2019 will not be less exciting, but also different. Many new challenges await us, such as our pilot plant runs on selected wastewater treatment plants, our saltwater project will be equipped with a pilot plant and we will become more international in our activities. Our communication and external presentation gets new faces in the foreground and background. Because: Wasser 3.0 has won a national marketing competition!

In December 2018, an incredible online campaign took place: Four female entrepreneurs decided to use their expertise and time to help a sustainable business, a start-up or a project with a free marketing starter package to become more visible. I did not hesitate long to promote our project "Water 3.0". The project was searched for with the greatest possible leverage for humans and environment. In January 2019, Wasser 3.0 actually came shortlisted – from over 60 applicants!

Wasser 3.0. Credit: Wasser 3.0

We are very pleased! Wasser 3.0 keeps moving and moving and moving in 2019. Each of our action points will be exciting, energized and full of new inspiration.

The marketing professionals Evelyn van Kempen, Christine Berliner, Saghi Sayyar and Daniela Golik are now making their contribution to Wasser 3.0 with strategic positioning, digital marketing, content and communication to make the water cleaner all over the world.

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