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sites of action and trace substances

Through the continual progress in all areas of our lives, undesirable trace substances also constantly enter the water system.

Example pharmaceuticals: As beneficial, as the development is for the health of humankind – their active ingredients and also their degradation products enter the water system by means of human and animal excretions and via improper disposal. Our wastewater treatment plants are not currently equipped for the removal of these substances. Although they are already doing a tremendous job today to preserve our water quality, they have reached their limits regarding the filtering out of pharmaceutical residues.

Through the further development of the hybrid silica gels, meanwhile – independent of the type and quantity of undesirable substances – tailored materials can be synthesized. With its modular, adaptable functional design, Wasser 3.0 can, in addition to pharmaceutical residues, also eliminate microplastics and other contaminants from the water system. These materials can bind the reactive and inert organic and inorganic chemical stressors in the water decentralized (where they arise) or centralized (in wastewater treatment plants) so that they can simply be removed.

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