Pure Water by Zahnen

Pure Water by Zahnen. Credit: Zahnen Technik GmbH

Compact solution for removal of organic and inorganic micropollutants

The proposed compact solution can be used as the 4th treatment stage of wastewater treatment plants, drinking water treatment plants and drinking water wells. In wastewater treatment plants, it is used as a post-clarification process.

Due to the combination of powdered activated carbon and innovative adsorptive materials in combination with mechanical processes, there is no risk of undesirable by-products. The waste product, consisting of micropollutants, is removed from the water immediately after the agglomeration process. The use of additional chemicals in form of flocculants can be dispensed with, since the adsorbates used in combination with the process technology are capable of effecting stable flocculation and at the same time preventing potential slippage of the material used into connected receiving waters. In addition to the elimination of anthropogenic trace substances, this all-round solution is capable of concentrating microplastics selectively and removing them from the wastewater together with the organic micropollutants in the same process step.

Possible recycling concepts for the agglomeration products are currently being researched. Since the clean product has almost drinking water quality following the process, only a few further procedures are required to achieve the drinking water status. The project focuses on the removal of organic and inorganic micropollutants.

The process is implemented in a compact container solution that can be easily installed and operated at any location. This is individually and optimally adapted to the application in hand. There are two main objectives: On one hand, the rivers and outlet channels need to be relieved and on the other hand, the partly complex drinking water treatment processes need to be simplified. Developing countries or geographically unfavorable regions can also benefit from the reliable processing technology, as the container solutions are universally applicable and designed for specific applications.

Marketable technology is expected to be available from spring 2019.

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