Knowledge Transfer

Research – Development – Education – Communication

In order to take the right steps in an increasingly complex world, Wasser 3.0 employs participation and dialogue processes. In this way, the individual interests of science, business, politics and management are bundled in networks and the effect of the whole project within the transfer is controlled in a sensible way. We rely on a variety of different methods in order reach viable results and respond to the critical social and relevant problem of water pollution caused by anthropogenic stressors.

If we see the challenges of Agenda 2030 as the springboard for our activities, there is a clear focus on research, development, education and communication in the strategy we are pursuing.

The resulting R&D-driven visions (the identification of research topics and “foresight processes” form the basis) of the transfer project describe central issues of our society and derive solution recommendations in the form of concrete research approaches, which bring partners from various disciplines together in interdisciplinary network project.

This participative development of the topics guarantees the right balance, the political “neutrality” as well as the sustainability of the entire process. Wasser 3.0 provides a comprehensive overview as a platform for exchange about the pressing questions of society. The important point of a “sharing economy” also gains special significance, in particular as a driver for a more sustainable society.

The project Wasser 3.0 is a growing, interdisciplinary-oriented field of interests and activities from research and development partners, which is distinguished by its great potential for interfaces with other specialist disciplines.