How does an idea become a product suitable for everyday use? In addition to innovation, idealism and, above all, professional knowhow is required.

Wasser 3.0 is built on a growing network of material manufacture (abcr GmbH), plant construction and engineering (Zahnen Technik GmbH), analytics partners (SAS Hagmann GmbH and Limbach Analytics GmbH), sewage treatment operators (EW Landau) and many participating partners from development and politics. To date the projects of the network have been funded within the Central Innovation Program for small and medium-sized businesses (ZIM) by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

However, Wasser 3.0 also works with partners from the area of communications, who incorporate their knowledge into the project and continuously drive it forward or go forward as disseminators. The application-related basic research of Wasser 3.0 is networked in a dynamic process between the partners in such a way that innovation potential of the individual work areas leads to a shared vision goal.

Materials abcr GmbH

abcr GmbH | Materials

A revolutionary idea and a strong partner: Wasser 3.0 is the result of the close cooperation between Dr. Katrin Schuhen and abcr GmbH.

Technologies Zahnen Technik GmbH

Zahnen Technik GmbH | Technologies

Innovation, idealism and, above all, professional know-how – Zahnen Technik GmbH combines all of these characteristics and is committed to the great future topics such as the conservation of energy and resources.

Analytics Partners

SAS Hagmann GmbH | Limbach Analytics GmbH

Participating Partners

Waste Management and Economic Operation Landau (EWL) | Ecoliance Rhineland-Palatinate (RLP)

Campaign Partners

Stern Apotheke Heidelberg | TriTimeWomen