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Stern Apotheke Heidelberg

According to a study by the Institute for Social-Ecological Research in Frankfurt, only 15 percent of Germans dispose of their leftover medications – as would be correct – in the household refuse or in the “Medi-Tonne”, a receptacle for pharmaceutical waste. Far too often, the drugs are washed down the drain.

Together with the Stern pharmacy in Heidelberg, Wasser 3.0 calls attention to the implications of medications and residual medications in the water. We raise awareness for the environmentally-sound disposal of pharmaceuticals.

Campaign: Less Talking – Taking Action


Water concerns us all. That is why we are striking out on new paths with Wasser 3.0 together. We are twelve women, who are united by the passion for and pleasure of triathlon and endurance sports. The topic of water is ever present for us. We have dedicated our entire lives to outdoor sports and share our enthusiasm for exercise in the open air and are also on the go to raise awareness for environmental protection.

Sport connects us and Wasser 3.0! We want to get noticed, but not at any cost. We want to impress, because we are authentic and we are convinced there are still too few women out there swimming, cycling and running. We want to introduce you to the best outdoor sports and demonstrate that all of you can do what we do. We think that you are missing something without jogging, trail running, cycling, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, triathlon etc. Since everything that is part of these sports is a lot of fun and provides variety as well as great new challenges for your lives.

Loosely based on the motto of Wasser 3.0 “DOING is like wanting – ONLY MORE INTENSE”, we are on the go for you as of immediately. Environmental protection concerns all of us, since the health of the people depends on a healthy and clean environment.

Campaign: #ECOlogic and TriTimeWomen