abcr GmbH – A good idea meets Gute Chemie

A revolutionary idea and a strong partner: Wasser 3.0 is the result of the close cooperation between Dr. Katrin Schuhen and abcr GmbH, the experts in the field of specialty chemicals for research and industry.

Service makes the difference

abcr Gute Chemie is a full-service provider for the sale, production & development of specialty chemicals of organic, inorganic and organometallic chemistry – with over 260,000 products from grams to tonnes. In the company’s own laboratories and production facilities in Germany & Europe, we develop custom syntheses.

Since its foundation in 1987, abcr bundles all sources of supply and forms an international network with partners and renowned customers from the sectors life science & pharmaceuticals, medical & dental, surface technology, material science, energy & electronic as well as the entire chemical industry. Gute Chemie is not only a slogan. abcr GmbH supports the development of innovative products from the laboratory idea to application on an industrial scale.

Wasser 3.0 Materials